The Oral Microbiology Group Investigates: The effects of alcohol and tobacco in the oral cavity

The latest publication of the Oral Microbiology Group UCH-CEU has just been released. The article entitled “Alcohol and tobacco consumption affect the oral carriage of Candida albicans and mutans streptococci” has been publish in Letters of Applied Microbiology. The research has been carried out by five lecturers from the Dentistry Degree (Chirag Sheth, Raquel González, Arlinda Luzi, Mª del Mar Jovani y Verónica Veses) and two undergraduate Dentistry students, Kamilah Makda y Zaahid Dilmahomed.


In this work the researchers show the impact of alcohol and tobacco consumption upon the oral microbiota of patients recruited in the University Dental Clinic.  The article shows that the changes induced by the use of these common stimulants are species-specific. Whilst the commensal microorganism levels remain unchanged, the levels of opportunistic pathogens become unbalanced. These observations highlight the need to tailor the oral health prevention programs to individual patients, considering their social and nutritional habits and their particular oral microflora composition.

Photocredit: Phil Long; Flickr
Photocredit: Phil Long; Flickr



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