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10 Tips to Cut Down on Your Sugar Intake

We all should be aware by now that sugar is bad for our teeth.In spite of this, sugar intake-dependent dental pathologies remain amongst the...

Joined up thinking: The multiple causes of dental caries

Caries is caused by sugar, right?...wrong?The central role of sugar in caries development is amply demonstrated in the literature.It is however important to remember the multifactorial...

Gum diseases could be a risk factor for esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer incidence and mortality trends varied substantially across Europe over the last few decades, with important differences between sexes and the two main...

7 Tips for Great Oral Hygiene!

Maintaining good oral hygiene is something few of us actually manage to achieve on a permanent basis. We are all entitled the occasional lapse...

Antibiotics are not necessary to prevent toothache

If you want to give an antibiotic for a toothache or an endodontic infection to your patient next time please you have to reconsider...