5 Tips for a Healthy Mouth this Summer

Summer is here! Long summer days and equally long summer nights are here and people tend to relax with their rigorous dental hygiene habits!  We have all learnt that we must continue to brush, floss and rinse, but we can do so much more to make sure our mouth stays in top condition during the holidays.  Here are my 5 tips for a healthy mouth this summer.

  1. Go visit your dentist.

My first tip for a healthy mouth this Summer.  Don’t put off that visit to your dentist.  The holiday period is a great time to get your checkup.  The more regularly you get a checkup, the more likely it is that your dentist will be able to detect oral diseases such as caries, gingivitis or cancer at an early, treatable stage. It will definitely save you money in the long run!

UCHCEU Dentistry students in the dental clinic
UCHCEU Dentistry students treating a patient in the Dental Clinic

2. Don’t forget the little ones this summer…

Toddlers and young children can often be forgotten when it comes to dental checkups, either because of conflicting demands on our time or because some people don’t feel that it is very necessary.  However it is important to remember they they need mouth care just like the rest of us. It is recommended that children visit a dentist before the age of 1, and current advice indicates that parents should clean their teeth until they are coordinated enough to tie their own shoes (or around age 9)! Taking care of your childrens’ teeth is like buying insurance against future problems.

Pediatric oral health is important
Take care of your childrens’ oral health

3. You’re sweet enough.

Sugar is a major player in tooth decay. It is food for bacteria and creates acid conditions in your mouth, enhancing plaque formation and dental decay. Your teeth are subjected with up to 20 minutes of acid production for every sugary treat you indulge in, from sugar in your coffee in the morning to that last bowl of ice cream at night. To avoid falling prey to  tooth decay, try to cut down on sugary treats, and aim to brush and floss after every meal or snack.

Lower the sugar in your diet
Sugary foods contribute to caries

4. Stop…now!

You’ve heard it before: Quit smoking. But this time, it’s your dentist talking. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes not only turn your teeth an grim shade of yellow, they cause damage to your gums, contribute to bad breath and are linked to numerous oral and systemic diseases. Smoking promotes the growth of bacteria and plaque formation on your teeth and along the gum line. That harms tissue, degrades the bone that supports teeth, and, eventually, increases your risk of tooth loss. Even worse, tobacco chemicals can lead to oral cancer. Is it really worth it?

Cigarette smoking is harmful to oral health
Smoking has been proven to be a cause of numerous oral diseases

5. Choose your toothbrush with care…

Ideally, you should choose a brush with soft bristles. If you are doing it correctly, a good quality brush should last you two to three months. When you notice bent bristles you should be thinking about replacing it, but really, you shouldn’t wait that long. It is interesting to note that even a straight bristle tip can become blunted instead of rounded and cause injury to your teeth and gums.

Choose your toothbrushes with care

Have a great summer!


  1. That’s a good list of dental care tips during summer. I agree that it sometimes become too difficult to deal with teeth care. You do everything right but are not able to maintain that wonderful smile. Surely these tips are going to be helpful for everyone.

    • Thanks for responding. It is sometimes difficult to keep on top of everything, but we shouldn’t get too stressed out about it – it is a long term process that needs constant care and attention. Have a great summer!

      • Hello, I want to know what are the X recommendations to prevent cavities because currently and now in these years we have seen that there are many cases of cavities and that they damage the oral cavity of people and it is a problem worldwide the truth and my question is that to know what are the most common methods that there are or that you recommend to have less probability of them coming out Cavities in a person, because in people it is a problem and this continues


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