Dentistry CEU, how to be more open to the world

Helen is a second year Dentistry student. She was raised in Sweden, but is originally from Russia. She has always loved to travel and wants to “see everything the world has to offer and teach me!”.

What have you gained from your first couple of years at our university?

Coming to Spain was one of the best decisions of my life, I’ve met so many new and open-minded friends that I now share some of my favourite memories with. The city is amazing, the weather and lifestyle here keep me motivated to study! It’s never a bad day in Valencia and the beaches are a perfect place to chill out any time of the year!

“By studying a bilingual degree, I feel like it makes me more open to the world”

What was the moment that you decided to go and study in another country?

I considered staying and studying in Sweden because I was scared of studying abroad, but then I thought, “what is the worst that could happen?” Spain has so much more to offer me, not only with a new language but also the opportunity to meet people from all over the world! Coming here has completely changed me, as well as my life, for the better and I’m excited to see what is next!

What would you highlight from the bilingual degree that you are studying?

By studying a bilingual degree, I’ve already learnt a bit Spanish, and it’s super useful both for future clinic sessions so I can to speak to my patients and make them feel more comfortable, and also in my personal life. My English has improved a lot, and as I’ve said I’m learning Spanish, which is such a useful language to know in general. I feel like it makes me more open to the world, and who knows, I might even stay and work here.
We have Spanish classes twice a week, and I’ve also made lots of Spanish friends around campus who want to practice their English, which is perfect for me!

“coming here has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life.”

You are in second year; you must have a favourite spot on campus…
What I like most are the chill-out areas because there is so much going on, I’ve made so many friends there, especially outside the library which, is also one of my favourite places.

Coming from a country like Sweden, which is so different to Spain, what has caught your attention about our life style?

The great weather, the chill lifestyle, the positive people! It’s truly amazing, and coming here has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life.


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