Tips from Michael Page for students entering the job market

On the 6th of February we were happy to have Rodrigo Olivas, Manager of the Business and Marketing Division at Page Personnel, join us in the framework of CEU Accede workshops for students in the degree programmes of Business Administration and Marketing.

Page Personnel, belonging to PageGroup, is the leading consultant in recruitment and specialised temporal work — although for sure the name Michael Page must ring a bell.

The CEU Accede activities aim to improve the employability of our students, and so for three days the students attend talks on how to write a resume, how to send an application, and what to do in a job interview. In short, talks on the necessary skills one needs when entering the job market.

During the talk Rodrigo went over the key points of job search, emphasising that proper training together with international experience such as Erasmus, language skills, customer focus, and versatility are the factors that companies value a lot nowadays.

Other competencies that employers take in account are

  • Involvement and teamwork
  • Iniciative
  • Flexibility
  • Identifying with the company

Rodrigo concluded that you have to complement your training with other personal characteristics and abilities: in other words, a university student must complement their education with more than a good academic record.


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