6 tips to master a job interview

Interviews are the last stepping stones that lead to our goal. They are the highest step, the one that causes the most vertigo and the one that will make the difference. If we fail here, nothing will have worked out. If we hit the bulls-eye, the road will even out.

Therefore, a good interview can make a good candidate an excellent one. But this is not easy, we must follow a series of guidelines, which, in the end, will shape our professional future.

Manuel Soriano, Director of Levante at Michael Page, visited our Business Management students. He is an authoritative voice to talk about these guidelines. He has extensive experience in recruitment and in departments of managing people.


1. Ask questions, show interest
Initiative is a magical ingredient in the potion of success. As we already discussed, adding attitude to aptitude makes a difference; your attitudes make a distinction. Soriano advises asking questions during the interview and showing you are active and motivated. Select your questions.

“No questions equals no interest. So demonstrate that you are interested and motivated.”

2. Be honest
It is hard to believe that we have to say this in 2018 but it is a crucial foundation. The frankness, the sincerity and the clarity with which you express yourself must be the defining feature of the interview.

3. Good public speaking
Speaking in public is something you’ll find a lot of in Spain. We are not just talking about knowing how to give talks or presentations, but having the ability to express yourself clearly and concisely.

In addition to the advice of Manuel Soriano, Isabel LLuesma, responsible for employment at the Professional Careers Service at CEU UCH, adds the following 3 tips:

4. Each person you cross paths with can be relevant
Given that you are at a safe distance from the company, anyone you cross paths with or interact with can be crucial, so you should be friendly and professional with everyone, even when you think that nobody is watching.

5. Know the company and the job you are going for well
It is essential that you know the company in which you want to work well; this will help you to show you are the right person for the job. Look for connections between the values of the company and your own and between the demands of the position and your own competences.

6. Show a positive attitude, enthusiasm, eagerness and conviction
The attitude you show during the interview is essential. Show gratitude and joy for having had the opportunity to do the interview, and eagerness to get the job you are applying to.

We hope you find these tips useful.


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