Great shot, Silverio!

More than three months have passed since he left his country to participate in the Erasmus program. His name is Silverio Martinez and he studies Business Administration at the CEU-UCH, but this year Silverio will spend in Southampton, United Kingdom.



From the first day that he considered taking part in the Erasmus program, he knew that he wanted to go to a country where English is the first language. Moreover, he looked for a university with a football team and with sports facilities in order to enhance his experience by practicing his hobby. Fortunately, the Southampton Solent University met all his expectations, because it is one of the most important universities with studies related to sports and it has also a great commitment to athletes.

The first week the university organized an open day in which people could gather in the university and its facilities. For this open day, they reserved a building for sports events and he signed up for the football team.


“The experience of sharing with people from different cultures and countries is inexplicable”

He went to the training and after a long time of testing, due to the large number of persons who requested to form part of the team, he was finally selected as a player of the first football team:

“For me, it is a pleasure, because I am able to play with great players and it is an unforgettable experience for me. Today, I am very happy that I made the decision to do an Erasmus”, says Silverio.




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