Dukenet Markstrat 2016

The international week and the game “Markstrat” has been very rewarding for me. Indeed it was a good opportunity to improve my communication in English, to meet new people from other countries with completely different cultures to mine, to improve my skills in terms of marketing strategy,…

Unfortunately I could not attend the first day that’s to say on Sunday. Actually this day was aimed at meeting all the other students participating in Marktstrat and particularly with those of his group but also to consult the software ” Markstrat ” to become familiar with it for a period 0 before starting the game.

When the first day of competition began we directly start working on our first period but the problem is we formed small groups of two to work on different parts and that only our leader had an overall view of work.  Therefore the more we progressed in the several periods the more it was difficult it for the members of the group to feel useful and involved in the progress of work.

So that ‘s why we decided on the second day to organize a meeting between us so that everyone can speak and give his opinion to say what was good and what was not good in our group during the first day. Thanks to this meeting we make changes we decided to work in group of 3 persons and made ​​sure that we all have an overview on the work of the others. So for me what I learned the most about this project is that good communication within a group can be a real engine and have a huge impact on the team’s performance.

Then having been in a team with an Italian, a Dutch , a French , a German and a Polish did that we markstrat for some taking risks is more than necessary while others had a vision that it’s important to be careful. This was really an advantage because we were able to find a true balance in our decision making process.

By Alexandre Prospero Erasmus Student


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