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The latest reports clearly prove it: nurses and other health professionals are needed to hold up the current health system, especially in countries like the US and the UK, where the demand for foreign nurses has increased enormously in the last years. Globalization, ageing population and new health needs are some of the main reasons that have triggered this shortage of professionals worldwide.


Nursing, a future-oriented profession

Of course, this shortage of high-profile nurses also represents a great opportunity for those of you who are now deciding on the route leading to your future professional success and an almost guaranteed job stability. Maybe you are considering studying a degree in the area of Health Sciences: congratulations, as it is one of the fields where the demand for professionals is on the rise! Now it is the moment to map out what you want to become and choose the path that best suits you.

The Spanish Pathway: become a student nurse at CEU Valencia

Our Pathway program has been specially designed for those students who are not native Spanish speakers but still want to pursue their degree in Spain to become a bilingual Nurse and therefore boost their career prospects!

This Pathway or 1st year in Nursing Studies has been conceived to help international students in their transition to the 2nd year, which is taught completely in Spanish.

So, this Spanish Pathway includes:

A. On the academic side:
At least 36 credits in Health Sciences, which are taught in English

B. On the language side:
Intensive course of “Spanish Language” which is divided in two blocks:

  • General Spanish Lessons according to your language level
  • Some lessons in “Spanish for Nursing purposes” (custom-tailored lessons adapted to the needs of the Nursing setting)

This intensive course will make you feel more confident about your Spanish level when accessing your second year in Nursing. But it will also allow you to have an expert knowledge of the vocabulary and expressions that you will later use in your internships.

In countries like the UK and the US, one in ten posts in Nursing is unfilled due to shortage of professionals

Talking about internships, another interesting aspect of our Nursing Degree is that you can do your internships in prestigious hospitals not only in Spain but also abroad: one of the hospitals we have agreements with is the King’s College Hospital in London.

So, what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity and become a nurse with an international background and a European diploma in one of the fastest growing campuses in Spain!

Contact us at if you would like to know more about our Nursing degree, we will be more than happy to help you!


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