Why is Spain an excellent place to study Nursing and improve your employability across the world?

The key: its qualifications enjoy European recognition

The Bologna Process has ensured that university degrees issued by a country within the European Higher Education Area are recognized by all the other members. This means that those studying for degrees in Spain, including Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing, can rest easy in the knowledge that their degree qualifications are directly recognized across Europe and enjoy more indirect recognition across the world. This recognition system is the key that opens the door to the rest of European and the world for Spain’s nursing graduates.

The advantage: more comprehensive and practical training than in other countries

University education in Spain for nursing students is superior to that of other countries inside and outside of Europe. The main reason for this is the high professional prestige which nursing enjoys in Spain. Consequently, nursing students in Spain receive more comprehensive and more practical training than in other countries, and this is why it is now commonplace to see nursing graduates of Spanish universities receive job offers from Germany, Finland and the UK.

The experience of recent decades has shown that those who graduate in Nursing from a good Spanish university tend to be superior professionals, particularly in comparison with graduates from other countries in Europe or the Americas.

What lies behind the enhanced performance of nursing graduates from Spain is the approach taken to teaching on the degree. In most other countries, such programs focus on preparing nursing staff to support other healthcare professionals and carry out ancillary tasks. In Spain, a much greater emphasis is placed on caring for the patient.

A further difference resides in the fact that in most countries little emphasis is placed on nursing students’  practical training, as the curriculum tends to be very theoretical. By concentrating on theory to this extent, such programs do not enable students to develop what are known as day one skills, i.e. what a professional nurse needs to know how to do from their very first day in hospital.

University education in Spain for Nursing students is superior to that of other countries, inside and outside of Europe

By contrast, in Spain, nursing degrees are structured so as to ensure students receive appropriate practical training. For example, at University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Nursing students receive a total of 2200 hours practical training, whereas at other European universities the time allotted to such training is no more than 800 hours.

Language skills, flexibility and continuous development

Today’s world means that, for students of Spanish universities, nursing is becoming a profession which transcends borders. So, it is important to take three other things into account when thinking about studying Nursing:

It is now commonplace to see Nursing Graduates of Spanish Universities receive job offers from Germany, Finland and the UK

  1. Languages: if you can speak English, Spanish and German to a good standard, then the world really is your oyster. But if you can speak two of these three languages fluently, then your CV will stand out. So, being at a university which enables you to train as a nurse while improving your English or Spanish language skills is a great advantage.
  2.  Flexibility: the ability to adapt to change, including new professional and scientific scenarios. Flexibility is a key soft skill that can be trained and some universities can even certify possession of this skill, as is the case at University CEU Cardenal Herrera
  3. Continuous development:after you complete your Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in Spain (240 ECTS), you can go straight into a Master’s degree program or other postgraduate certificate programs.  This does not always happen in other countries. Training for continuous professional development as a nurse is essential and ever more comprehensive. A good example of the form such continuous professional development can take is www.cursosenfermeria.com.

So, do you want to get started?


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