Why having friends of different nationalities will help you find a job


Each of the decisions we make throughout our lives affects our future. Because everything that we do or do not do today affects our tomorrow. So, if you have a chance to interact with people of other nationalities and cultures, do it! Believe it or not, you’ll be increasing your chances of finding work that you dream of.

Enterprises demand new skills and competences that allow their future workers adapt smoothly to the reality globalized in which we live. Meaning to capabilities that you can easily train if you move in an international environment and are lucky enough to be able to establish friendship with people who come from cultures and countries other than yours. These are some of these skills:

Knowledge of languages

Talk about a couple of languages fluently has become a key factor to access jobs in companies that have more projection. One way to practice English, French, German, or Chinese, beyond the languages academies, is sharing time with a friend whose mother tongue is that you want to learn. You will interiorize the language almost without realizing at the same time that forges a friendship that will enrich you personally.

Remember that, in addition, you can always count with the help of the Languages service of the University to strengthen your level of English or learn a new language such as Chinese, for example.

Management of multiculturalism

The globalization of markets favours the existence of international work teams. It is easy for a company to have a same department handed out by several European capitals. In this way, even if you work in Madrid, the rest of your team may be in London, Rome and Paris. Know how to live and enhance diversity, you will differentiate from the other candidates.


Count with different you between your close friendships people will avoid you falling in prejudices and false beliefs, and also strengthen your tolerance. This is a capacity increasingly demanded by the companies. And it is that today changes occur at a breakneck speed and companies need flexible people who can confront them with good attitude. Tolerant people are more creative and adapt much better to any social and labour context.

Interpersonal skills

Another of the advantages of having friends who have grown up in a country different from yours is that, without realizing it, you’re training your skills of communication with people from different cultures. Interpersonal skills are essential for maintaining a good work environment in companies. Not only with colleagues, also with partners, customers, suppliers… a worker with skills for social relationships will always have more opportunities to grow within the company.

If you’re curious to know how you can focus your Linkedin to reflect that you have all the capabilities that we have talked about, career services is at your disposal to help you . Get in touch with those in charge so that they can advise you.

Forging friendships is one of the most important things that you will possibly make throughout your life. The unique experience that is to meet people from different cultures will change your view of the world, will make you grow personally, and will help you to start a career without borders. Ready to be a citizen of the world?

If at this point of the post you are already convinced that this of having friends of other nationalities is yours because you expect to have international projection, the Global Citizen Program of CEU UCH is designed for you. This initiative brings together training and activities to make your way through college to be defenitely prepare to compete globally. Borders will not be a problem in your professional future.

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