Which Science degree do you want to study?


The University CEU Cardenal Herrera offers five Science degrees. If you are a science lover, then you must be thinking of applying for one of these degrees right?

Dentistry     Medicine    Veterinary    Pharmacy    Nursing

All these 5 degrees are related to health, and they all share one thing in common and that’s science. If you are passionate about one of these degrees, then you are set… All you would have to do is read more about the desired one and apply now.

If you are not so sure about which one you want to study, then I suggest that you read everything there is to know about each one. After you have done your research, ask yourself…

“What is my main goal in life?… What do I want to accomplish?… What do I see myself doing in 5 to 10 years?”

1) Do you see yourself being in a hospital saving lives, or wearing scrubs and entering the operations room and asking for a 10 blade to operate? Do you want to know everything there is to know about humans and life. What causes sicknesses and how to cure them? Then straight up… your interest is Medicine.

As beautiful as this career is its not an easy one. Nor is it anything like Grey Anatomy. But yet again no degree is ever easy. This one in particular is not only about working very hard, its about working with passion, working with your heart. Don’t see Medicine simply as a degree that allows you to add a “Dr.” onto your name. You must visualize it as a solution to your life and most importantly to others. This degree requires lots of effort, selfless acts, years and years of learning, studying and practicing. It is a huge responsibility and a long journey. However, it has a beautiful outcome, most likely the best one. Maybe not financially, but being able to save a life is not ordinary, but extraordinary

2) Do you love Art and at the same time love Science as well? Are you interested in helping people by using knowledge as well as your own creativity? If you are interesting in oral health as well as creating beautiful smiles that truly changes a patient’s life… Then apply to the one branch of Medicine that not only pays well but also allows independence and a flexible lifestyle. Which is Dentistry.

We all know that Dentistry requires hard work… However, most importantly, it also requires creativity, imagination and precision. Why? Because not only will you be able to help a patient with their cavities, extractions, and alleviate one of the worst pains humans may experience. But also, Dentist are given the opportunity of re-creating a person’s smile. It is known to be the most beautiful thing a person can wear. Being given that responsibility is not easy but it is remarkable and requires not only steady hands but an artistic talent as well. And lets not forget about Dental Implants. For a person to be able to restore missing teeth is phenomenal and very much needed.

3) Do you love animals? As a matter of fact, not just love but do you feel for them, and wish them no harm and want to be able to cure them from any sickness that may come their way? Do you want to be able to save their lives and help them defeat diseases. Then Veterinary is clearly the option for you.

Veterinary is a branch of medicine that concerns animal health care, their treatments of diseases and diagnoses. From vaccination against a diseases to treating infections and dressing wounds. From operating surgeries to providing owners advices on animal behaviour, feeding and breeding. It is a challenging degree, but very rewarding and fascinating.  It requires a lot of practice but mostly requires ambition and an eagerness to work with animals .

4) Do you want to be able to help prevent serious illnesses in the world by providing the necessary type and quantity of medications to patients in need. Do you want to be able to work alongside health professionals to help save mankind. Ever wonder how drugs functions and how they help heal a person. You like Chemistry and solving problems? Pharmacy is your degree.

Pharmacy is an important degree. It is like a puzzle that needs solving. It requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to be able to provide the right drug for the right situation with the right dosage on the right time. Being able to provide medications, you first need to understand how the body works… Its structure and function. Not only that but also all about the medications and drugs that you are giving to the body. Where it goes, how it is absorbed and how much time it takes for the drug to kick in. Each medication has its own individual way of functioning. As a future pharmacist, you will  have all the knowledge there is to know for you to help others. Whether it is to relieve their pain or help them cure an illness. This degree is difficult. For a person to become a pharmacist, they need to have a lot of patience and be very dedicated.

5) Despite all the amazing jobs and effort health professionals put in order to help patients. They will always need Nurses. This field is very much needed and grows very fast. Are you supportive and a great listener? Compassionate and dependable? Patient and hard working? Do you see yourself working alongside doctors, surgeons, dentists, physicians… almost any health professional? Then Nursing is your degree.

While doctors give orders, nurses do the action. While doctors operate, nurses support and care. It is not an easy job as some may think. As a matter of fact, it is just as challenging, but very rewarding. Whats amazing about this degree is, as a nurse, you can work and specialize in various fields that are related to each other and be able to help more and more people. Remembering that not only medications and surgeries help a patient, but words can make a huge change. The support and care that a nurse provides to a patient can help cure as well, it may even be the fastest way to recovery.

It may be one of the hardest decision you will have to make. So my advice to you is take your time and read everything there is to know. Ask and experience. So that once you know which is the right one for you, you won’t ever have to look back. That one reason that pushed you to choosing your degree must be good enough to keep on pushing throughout the rest of your life. So it better be a good one.

Best of Luck!


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