The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon 2016

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation is a non-profit organisation which simply aims to promote effort in the society of Valencia. Held from Friday the 18th until Sunday the 20th of November, the Valencia marathon was a fantastic event which encourage people to go outside and be active.

Students from UCH-CEU
Students from UCH-CEU

More than 200 volunteers from the CEU Universidad Cardenal Herrera were involved in this great event! They showed great spirit, taking roles of delivering water (Volunteer Service Sports CEU UCH), being part of the doping control (Degree of Nursing) and helping with the recovery of runners (Degree of Physiotherapy).

In addition, it’s with great pleasure that we congratulate the CEU Runners Club who came in second position from all the universities that were involved in the marathon. Special mention goes towards Eugénie Maillard who finished the marathon in first position from all the universities involved from Valencia. She also earned herself another medal for finishing the marathon first in the Under-23 division.

CEU-Runners Club
CEU-Runners Finished in 2nd Place
Congratulations Eugénie Maillard!


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