The excellent transport connection of Valencia – one of the main factors for students to choose the city as a place of study

From Valencia into infinity. The Spanish city is getting more and more connected to the world. The offer of transport facilities from Valencia to other places on this planet is getting more effective and extended by and by.

Valencia’s transport network allows you to be only a stone’s throw away from your family and friends. Let us be honest – if you go to Valencia by a study programme, you will miss everything you had close to you every day, the daily routine and the persons who formed part of it. Therefore we know that one of the most decisive factors when choosing the place of study are the transport connections from this location to your home town.

Likewise, other aspects we should bear in mind are the prices and our own budget, which are circumstances that determine how often we can travel.

Thanks to its enviable geographical location, it is possible to travel from Valencia by ship crossing the Mediterranean Sea; or by train, which is one of the most recommended options for travelling within Spain. If you want to travel to destinations outside of Spain by train, you need to change trains in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, whose offer in train connections is bigger. Furthermore, you can travel by car or by bus on the great Spanish motorways and highways. Another alternative is to fly from the Airport of Manises, Valencia, where a large number of airlines and worldwide destinations can be found.

Furthermore, even though the last option might sound expensive, flights nowadays can be quite affordable nowadays thanks to low-cost airlines, which allow us to travel to numerous destinations for a reasonable price.

One of the best known is the Irish airline Ryanair, which has a noticeable presence in the city of Valencia, from where various destinations can be reached. The most recently added destination has been Berlin. Since the end of October of 2015 you can fly from Valencia to the German capital.

So, if you are thinking about choosing Valencia as a place to study, remember that Valencia offers – apart from its climate, its high academic standards and the beauty of the city – a wide network of transport connections which allow you to travel whenever you need to.

Regarding the accommodation, the student residenceColegio Mayor Ausias March” has a service of private bus that connects the residence with the main universities in Valencia like University CEU Cardenal Herrera and with the main Public Stations in the city. Moreover the residence is perfectly located for enjoying the city, your studies and the best experience of your life.


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