Taste the traditional Mexican cuisine.


This Friday, May 5 at 12a.m we travel to Mexico! We will celebrate Mexican food in the multicultural food cycle organized by Campus Life along with the Human Nutrition Grade.

  • When: from 12h.
  • Where: Classrooms 213 and 214 of the Luis Campos Górris building.
  • Duration: 2 hours approx.

The idea is for students of all degrees to participate in the event and get to know Mexican culture, its traditions, its music, its gastronomy and its people. Mexican students of the CEU will be able to know and share experiences with people of other nationalities and even meet other Mexicans of different degrees.

In the last edition the theme was the Moroccan gastronomy, very rich in spices and aromas. The recipe for the success of these events is the desire of the students to explore and discover new places, people and customs without having to leave the university.

The next day May 5 we will be able to transfer our senses to Mexico and to know about the typical dishes from a nutritional point of view. For this at 12h there will be a talk about this country and its gastronomic customs and at the end we will be able to taste its traditional cuisine.

Shared and with food, the moments taste better, that’s why we want to make Campus Life events and activities more appetizing by mixing food and culture. Stay tuned also to the next event of Cooking Lovers organized by the Degree in Gastronomy where the protagonists will be the Paella and tapas.



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