Still looking for a university course in 2018? It’s not too late to apply!

Making the decision to study abroad is a big step for many international candidates, who need to go through a long process which includes not only the application itself but also an awful lot of administrative steps and tasks. Still, nothing is guaranteed for undecided candidates or those who have waited until July for their academic results. If this is your case but you still want to go to university in 2018, don’t worry: some places are still available at University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

Unfortunately, chances are not the same for last-minute candidates: some of our degrees are highly demanded and thus their admission process is already closed – why not send us your information enquiry so we can get in touch with you when the 2019/20 process opens? – but you still stand a chance of finding a place in some of our other courses. Our advice? Be well prepared, gather all the information that you need and do not wait much longer to apply!

And since we want to help you get a place at our university, let us touch on some of the critical points and give you the most important information straight away. For a comprehensive guide on how to get through the admission process, take a look at our website.

Studying at CEU: a brief overview

Our university is located in the Region of Valencia, on the east coast of Spain, which makes it (we can assure you) one of the most pleasant study environments for European students. No wonder Valencia stands among the top destinations for Erasmus+ students, both for its vibrant life and its affordability.

More than 2300 international students have already chosen this private institution to pursue their degree. Among the most popular of our courses, Veterinary, Architecture, Design, Dentistry or Medicine stand out for their high demand and excellent academic program: check out some of our students’ testimonials so you can judge for yourself!

Can I still apply?

Although the admission process for some of our degrees is already closed, you can still get a place in other of our university courses. What we would recommend is that you start off the admission process as soon as possible: our experience tells us that waiting until August is not a good idea so do not let July go by because you might find yourself out of options. Moreover, our admission process is done online and it is free!

Remember that all of our degrees will start in September 2018 and that international students need to provide their academic documentation but don’t worry, our team will help you focus and take you to the next step on your application journey.

Are there any available places for the degree I want to study?

On our website you will find if there are vacancies still available for international students. At this moment, some of the courses that still have a few places left are:

And our new pathways in several areas, which include customized programmes for bilingual candidates:

  • Spanish Pathway to Nursing
  • Spanish Pathway to Industrial Design
  • Spanish Pathway to Journalism
  • Spanish Pathway to Advertising
  • Spanish Pathway to Audiovisual Communication

And for those who feel more confident in Spanish or who share our mother tongue, why not take your chance on some of our Spanish-taught courses?

If you are determined to study one of the aforementioned degrees, keep in mind that international students at University CEU Cardenal Herrera receive free Spanish classes throughout their studies as well as a wide range of exclusive welcome services – all of them especially designed to make your arrival in Spain as smooth as possible!

How do I apply?

Have you already got your results, chosen your course and are ready to apply? Although our process is done online and the application timeline is very clear, do not underestimate the time and effort required to fulfill the application and start it as soon as possible.


Our admissions team will help you throughout the process if you need help with the documentation, more information on financial support or if you need tips for the interview.

Some tips that will help you throughout the process

  1. Be sure to make some research about our University and Valencia
  2. Have all the academic documentation in hand
  3. Don’ t wait until the last minute to complete the admission process, you’re running out of time!
  4. Prepare your admission interview (we tell you how here!) and ask questions to your evaluator
  5. Don’t miss the deadlines given by our team as we can then allocate the place to another candidate
  6. Join us on Facebook: we have a specific group for candidates!

Contact us to secure your place!

Once you have found a course that interests you and completed your application process, it is possible that our admissions team will contact you and offer you a place straight away (if you have fulfilled the requirements), put you on a waiting list or reject your application.

If you are finally allocated a place and need a written confirmation to prove that you have been accepted to our university, we will happily do so!

Ready, steady…go! 😉


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