Chair of Solidarity

We promote and offer the necessary means for all students to organise social and volunteer actions.

International volunteering: what happens when I come home?

Leaving behind the places you know for a while to travel to another country so that you can help other people: that’s an experience which leave an indelible mark on who you are. But...

Values of Christian humanism

The educational approach of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University is grounded in the values of Christian humanism. These principles are present throughout our day-to-day work, as our aim is to produce fully-rounded individuals who...

Do more than just study: do something that will change your life ❤

You must have heard people say that university is “much more than just going to lectures”. And that’s absolutely right. Not everything is about notes, exams and group work. Live life to the full...

Solidarity Roses for San Valentine´s day

Do you want to make a good action for someone special for Valentine's day ? To celebrate this date, a group of students from the university organises a very nice initiative. We don't want to...

Buy your ticket for the Villarreal CF vs Málaga CF for 5 euros.

 For only €5, you can buy a ticket for Villarreal CF - Málaga CFSunday, November 5th at 6:30pm.All the money raised will go to the University’s solidarity projects.So for 5 euros you can watch...

Teaching while learning in Malawi

This year I had the opportunity to join the journey by the group of the Faculty of Veterinary "Vets for Africa" to Benga, Malawi. The Catholic mission established in the same town is working...


CEU Senegal

CEU Senegal, Teaching how to Smile

Students of dentistry and Teaching of CEU UCH are going to invest part of their time to improve the quality of life of the...