CEU Senegal, Teaching how to Smile



Students of dentistry and Teaching of CEU UCH are going to invest part of their time to improve the quality of life of the boys and girls of the Antoni Guadi Kindergarten in Casamance, Senegal. With the help of their professors they created this solidarity project “Teaching how to Smile” where they hope with love and effort they can put a smile on every child´s face.
You can also participate; they have arranged a raffle in collaboration with Solidarity CEU. Three, five and ten euros is all it take to draw a smile, dental treatment or a grant for the primary education of these children respectively.
You can buy your raffle ticket in:
• Jesús de la Llave: [email protected], Office. 306. Building Campos Gorriz.
• María Catalina Lavigne:[email protected], Office. 308. Dentistry Building
What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket and let´s see how many smiles we get in total.


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