Sailing experience



On Saturday 24st of September, some lucky CEU students got a chance to go sailing. These 15 students were the winners of an Instagram contest, organized by Campus Life during the Welcome Days of the university. The idea of the contest was to get in one Instagram photo as many nationalities as possible. Among the winners were students from France, Norway and Vietnam, just to mention a few.

The winners of the contest got an unforgettable experience as a prize, when they were introduced to the secrets of sailing in Escola Municipal de Vela de Valencia, a sailing school situated in Valencia. The enthusiastic students got first a safety brief and appropriate life vests were distributed. After, it was time to start the fun: get the sails up and set off to the sea. The harbor of Valencia was all hustle and bustle when the boats headed towards marine adventures.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a sailing trip and afterwards students returned with a smile on their faces. Surprisingly, one Instagram photo can lead to awesome experiences!

sailing-2 sailing-3 sailing-5 sailing-4


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