International Spring Festival !



 Xiao Luo presents herself to the others international students who enter into the HUB101, the multipurpose and multicultural class of the university where the celebration of the Spring Festival takes place, the party before the Chinese New Year that commemorates the past year. In the university, Campus Life is a university service which puts in value the cultural differences that enriches the set of students, as mentions its slogan Enjoy your difference.

The door of the HUB101 opens into others dimensions and suddenly we find ourself in Asia. On tables there are all types of food, carefully prepared by Xiao Luo, a share of Go (a traditional chinese game table) and a writing workshop of mandarin chinese.

Xiao Luo is not alone, Lin, Hung Wei, HSU Chia Hua and more taiwanese students are there to collaborate during all this multicultural day, helping autochthones and international students to discover this new culture. Not only from Taiwan but also others parts of the world in the Taiwanesea traditions thousands of kilometers away. Some students speak, some write and some others just enjoy the little gastronomical sample cooked by Xia Luo with the help of other students.

Students from MOROCCO, Italy, Peru, France, Ireland and from others countries participated demonstrating that it is possible to understand each other without speaking the same language, to laugh and enjoy without a specific reason and to learn how to cook food for the first time.

As the end of the day approaches, there is no better way to divert and to finish creating a 100% Asian atmosphere with a karaoke time with Yang Kun and Amber Kuo songs’. Xia Luo, dressed with a traditional chinese outfit, is the first to begin. Then, Tian Li goes on and with his contagious laugh causes bursts of laughter in the class. This is why karaoke is.

Once again, the HUB101 has opened its doors to all students of the university wherever they come from showing that they have an incalculable value that we cannot ignore.

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