How to Cure Your Homesickness

One of the most prevalent symptoms that comes with moving away from home is homesickness. It’s a sense of loneliness and heartache from longing for a familiar place, face, or feeling. It doesn’t matter if you moved for school, work, or a new opportunity; no one is immune to homesickness. That being said, there are many things you can do to ease and heal your nostalgia.

Remember that every day is a fresh start
Remember that every day is a fresh start15

Explore Your New Surroundings

Being homesick is usually the result of feeling unaccustomed and vulnerable, which leads us to miss our old life and not focus on creating a new one. The best way to become more comfortable with your new city is to spend some time getting lost in it. Whether it’s visiting tourist attractions or just finding your way around your new neighborhood, you will begin to  appreciate what makes your new home unique.

Create a Routine

When there is an abundance of change happening in your life, the easiest way to adapt is to develop a daily routine. This will allow your to maintain a rhythm of normalcy throughout the surrounding chaos. Noticing that you are more in control can combat some common signs of homesickness, like feeling lonesome and lost.

Stop Comparing

I think one of the worst habits to have after moving abroad is constantly comparing your new town with your old one.  In the beginning, it’s typical to notice the major differences and recognize that some aspects might be better or worse. However, in order to flourish and thrive in your new home, you should accept the changes and try to view them as a good thing.  Once you stop comparing, you can focus more on creating your new life and less on what you left behind.

and remember that great things never came from comfort zones!

As someone who has moved far away from home I can tell you this: homesickness is inevitable. It can occur in small waves or like a giant tsunami, drowning you in nostalgia. Some days might seem impossible to endure and other days you will be fine. Just keep your mind active and your heart open to new possibilities, and it will pass.

There are many other ways you can deal with homesickness while living in Spain: make new friends, enjoy your international experience and try to live every day to the fullest. And also remember that we are here to help you in case you need any kind of support, from an academic or a personal point of view.


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