How to choose your accommodation

Finding the right accommodation shouldn't be an issue for you!
Finding the right accommodation shouldn't be an issue for you!

One of the most important things you’ll have to take care of when planning to study in Valencia is finding a place to live. But that can be hard if you don’t know the area very well. Here is an article explaining everything you must know in order to find the perfect accommodation!

Valencia, a perfect destination for your studies
Valencia, a perfect destination for your studies

Moncada or Valencia? 

Moncada/Alfara: the quiet and study-centred choice

Moncada is a small town outside of Valencia, and the place where the university campuses are. This makes it the perfect choice if you want to live close to the university. Life can be more peaceful and quieter here than in the city, which can provide a better work environment. Besides, the town does not lack any essential shop or business: there are gyms, pharmacies, supermarkets, bars… You won’t miss anything! One downside though is the transportation: it is 20 minutes away from the centre of Valencia, and the metro stops around 10-11pm.

Valencia: life to the fullest

Living in Valencia has many advantages in terms of life experiences, especially as a student. You’ll be close to everything you need and have access to many activities (and parties). It’ll also take less time to get to the beach if you live in Valencia than if you live in Moncada… However, you’ll be farther from the university and it’ll take you 20 minutes from the centre of Valencia. So, if you decide to live in the city, be sure to stay close to line 1 and to be ready to spend 40 minutes in a train every day! 

Or you can find a compromise

I found an accommodation in Burjassot, just outside of Valencia. It’s perfectly halfway between Seminari-CEU and Àngel Guimerà, taking 10 minutes to go to each from the Burjassot station. So, it’s not too far from Valencia, and not too far from the university. It is however true that there are not as much activities as in Valencia and at night, the last train stops at Empalme (15-minute walk). Back in France, I live in Paris: I like how quiet it is here. But to fully live the student life and if you have a timetable that allows it, it would be better to go and live in the city!  

If you are still unsure, make sure to check the pros and cons of living in Valencia or Moncada! 

Finding the right accommodation shouldn't be an issue for you!
Finding the right accommodation shouldn’t be an issue for you!

Rent, share, student hall? 

It all depends on what you are looking for in terms of location, size, way of life and costs.

  • Sharing a flat has many advantages: it is cheaper, the room will most likely be furnished and you won’t be alone. However, not being alone can have its disadvantages if you are unfortunate and find yourself stuck with noisy or unclean flatmates.
  • By renting a flat, you won’t have potential unpleasant flatmates, but it will be a lot more expensive. You will most likely have to buy many things that would be lacking there. It will also be a less friendly atmosphere. 
  • A student hall will be quite expensive as well compared to sharing a flat, but you’ll have everything you need right next door. You will live with fellow students and won’t feel alone, then.  

Again, it all depends on the kind of life you wish to live 

Where can I look for an accommodation? 

The CEU website provides you with some options. You can also go and scan Hello FlatMatePisos Moncada or Idealista. There are also countless announces on Facebook groups as well, so make sure to check them (Erasmus Valencia, pisos in Valencia etc). You may even find a flatmate there! 


Some tips that might be useful…

  • Once your choice is set on an accommodation, you pay one month’s rent as a deposit and your first month’s rent. 
  • If you want a quick answer, it’s best to contact the announcer by WhatsApp or to call directly. Emails are not very effective.  
  • You will certainly pay additional taxes for the electricity: a a little more expensive flat but with good insulation can be more economical in the end than a cheaper one with higher electricity bills! 
  • If you are a student, some real estate agencies won’t make you pay agency fees, so be sure to mention it. 

I hope you now have a clearer idea on how to choose the perfect accommodation. If you still don’t, remember that our International Student Services can support you in your search for accommodation before coming to the uni!


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