Granada, don’t miss this awesome city!


Since you are studying abroad, you are probably thinking that no city is more awesome than Valencia.  You are quite right but just take a look at this article and you will discover that Spain has more to offer than you expected!

A few hours from here, in the south of Spain, Granada will seduce you by its many cultural treasures. Why won’t you start by visiting the Albaicín monuments which are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and which will induce you in a charming atmosphere where traditional houses are preserved for hundreds of years!

After that, you will have to stop by the most famous attraction in Granada; La Alhambra, symbol of the town. There are no words to describe the beauty of the Arab citadel and the charm of the place.

You will probably be hungry after roaming around the city but don’t worry; Granada is also known to be the city of the Tapas and in most places, a free tapa is served with each drink. Appetizing no?

For all the mountain lovers, Granada will also afford you to go hiking and during the winter don’t miss to discover the slopes of the Sierra Ski Resort, which has about 2500 hectares of skiable area, who never dreamed of skiing under the sun of Spain?

So now the only question you probably have is “when are we going?!”

Well I have good news for you, as you know already, Campus life is organising activities and trips for the students of the University and this time we offer you to go to Granada and spend an awesome weekend with you friends visiting the city, skiing in the Sierra Nevada and enjoying the night life there!

Don’t miss it! From 17 to 19th February let’s go to Granada! Places are still available; you will find all the information by clicking on this link.

We are waiting for you!

Campus Life Office




We are waiting for you!


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