Exploring China Town Valencia

Calle Pelayo/China Town Valencia
Calle Pelayo/China Town Valencia

In case you didn’t already know, yes, Valencia does in fact have a China Town.  It’s nothing like New York’s or London’s China Town but it definitely has enough to offer. It’s located near the heart of the city, right next to Estacion del Norte. It’s main street is Calle Pelayo including a few adjacent ones. On this street you’ll find some of the most authentic Chinese cuisine, Asian grocery stores, shops with incredible deals and hair/nail salons with the best prices!

Calle Pelayo/China Town Valencia
Calle Pelayo/China Town Valencia

My favorite grocery store in China Town is Hiper Asia. It’s located on Calle Bailen, directly behind Estacion del Norte. I absolutely love this store! Not only does it have a wide variety of Asian goodies, it also has an “international section”.

Here I can find a lot of products I’m used to having back home because of my South American background. The store is also super inexpensive! A friend of mine purchased all of her “sushi night” ingredients at Hiper Asia for only €20! Whenever you’re craving an authentic Chinese dish, head over to Felisano.

They have a wide variety of food options (vegetarian included!). Afterwards, you can go next door for dessert at Pasteleria Tiramisu where they have matcha green tea cake, taro bubble tea, mochi, and many more typical Asian treats! 

Not many people are aware of Valencia’s China Town but now that you are, you should totally visit!


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