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As many of you know, CEU Cardenal Herrera University has a United Nations Club that meets every year to discuss current world political and social issues, giving the opportunity to students of all degrees to participate, learn and enjoy this activity.

Ana Verdú, journalism student, has lived interesting moments of tension, of fear but at the same time enriching where she has experienced the feeling of being a simulacrum of the General Assembly of the United Nations. She tells us her story in the journalism blog of the university.

MUN members

Ana tells about her experience in MUN, she noticed that the majority of participants are from Law and Political Science degrees, but this doesn’t need to be the case. This club has been created to share a hobby, as well as to have fun and meet people of all degrees, so it doesn’t matter the field of studies you belong to, there is always a gap for everyone.

Campuslife encourages students from others degrees, veterinary, design, medicine, physiotherapy, teaching… to participate in the next editions bringing new points of view to the assembly and taking with it new experiences and friends.

UNMUN simulation

Ana said it : “Attending a MUN simulation can be very fun.” So what are you waiting for to sign up? Belonging to a student club at the university allows you to make new friends, meet people of other nationalities and qualifications, and acquire skills and concepts that are not learned in a classroom. A very productive experience on a personal level as well as for the professional future.

Do not think twice and write to [email protected] to get more information about clubs and activities at the University.


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