After your exams: let´s go to Granada and Sierra Nevada with the CEU

Now it is time to study hard, spending your day at the library. We wish you all the best during the exam period. But we would also like to invite you to a very exciting activity, as a prize after your tests. Come with us to enjoy an unforgettable weekend with your university friends in Granada.

The most adventurous of the group, will enjoy one of the best ski resorts in the country. For those who prefer to focus on visiting Granada, we also propose several options that will allow you to enjoy this city to the fullest. The whole group will share the coach from Valencia to Granada and the necessary transfers to the tracks or places to visit. In addition, you will be staying in the same hotel, in the heart of Granada, so you can enjoy the nightlife of the city. You can also select which activities to do: snow, visits, tickets, etc.

You and your friends can register through Campus Life Calendar on your intranet o through this link.

Let´s celebrate the end of the exams period in Granada!

Campus Life



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