European League – Villarreal CF vs Osmanlispor



Thursday 3rd of November there was a match between Villarreal and Osmanlispor. Campus Life organized an event for the international students to watch this match. With the bus we drove to Castellon. Once arrived in Castellon, some of our students were interviewed by the Villarreal CF camera crew, what was published on the Villarreal CF Facebook page later. It was very crowded in the stadium and there was a nice atmosphere. The first half time it was 1-0 for Osmanlispor. The first minutes of the second half Villarreal CF scored and it was a draw. Everybody was cheering loudly! In the last ten minutes Osmanlispor scored. Unfortunately Villarreal lost the game. For sure they will win next time round!
I would like to thank everyone that joined the event.


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