5 things to remember in September


September is a month for new beginnings – and especially for you this year. It’s the start of your time at university and that means getting used to a new routine, dealing with new experiences and meeting new friends.

To help you navigate the newness of everything when starting university, here are five key things to remember in September:

1. Your university ID card: your key to the campus

You’re now a CEU UCH student and that means you need a student ID card. This will give you access the Library and you can use it to pay for printing, for example. During the first few days of the academic year, the Santander bank will set up a special counter in a prominent place on campus where you can get your card. It’s a simple but necessary step for all students. Once you’ve got your card, keep hold of it – you’ll need it for the rest of your time at the University!

After you get your card, if you leave it at home one day, you can still access it in electronic form via the University app (Apple and Android).

2. University Services: a world of opportunities at CEU UCH

There are a range of University Services available to you to help youLanguages, SportsCareersInternational Relationsthe LibraryPastoral, etc. You get in touch with them whenever you want for information and to get to know the staff there – they’ll be there for you throughout your time at the University.

Campus Life and the University Clubs are there for you too: let’s talk about that a bit more!

3. University life: there’s much more to it than just lectures

We want you to have the best possible university experience because it’s a time that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. That’s why we want you get the very best out of the experience. If you come to campus just for lectures, then you’ll be missing out on a host of opportunities.

Do you like theatre? Video games? Cooking? Animals? Ecology? There are a whole range of university clubs that you can join, where you can meet other students with the same hobbies and interests. If you can’t find the right club for you, no problem! Get in touch with the Campus Life office and propose the creation of a new club, focusing on something you love. These clubs also operate online – take a look at what students have been up to recently as part of Campus Life from home.

4. Lecturers, tutors, counsellors, mentors: get the support you need

During your first few days at the University, you’ll meet many of your lecturers. You’ll also come into contact with some of the senior management staff of the University: staff from the Rector’s team, the Vice-Rectors, etc. Each one of these people will be important in some respect of your university activities and you can contact them for whatever you need. Don’t worry if you get mixed up with names and titles at the beginning: you’ll be an expert in how the University is organized soon enough!

For more specific and personalized support and advice, there are some important people it’d be good to remember. Your personal tutor will probably be the lecturer you’ll come to know best during your first year. You can also request a mentor: mentors are students from more advanced years on your degree who take time out of their studies to help new students like you. You can also get advice and support from a guidance counsellor regarding the academic and other challenges of the first year at the University or if you have a disability and require specialist guidance and support.

5. New to the city? Start exploring and enjoy everything it has to offer

Maybe this is your first year in Valencia, Elche or Castellón. If that’s the case, then you’ve an exciting period of discovery ahead of you! September is the back end of the summer and so it’s the perfect time to get out there and get to know the place where you’ll spend your university days. Take advantage of the fact that the workload of the first few weeks is a bit lighter – start to fall in love with your new home.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few suggestions:

If you haven’t got your accommodation sorted out yet, check out what’s on offer.

*If you’re an international student and you’re from outside the European Union, remember that you’ve got to apply for a residency permit. The International Student Services office will get in touch with you to tell you what you need to do: what you need to submit, when and where.

There’s an exciting year ahead of you and we think it will be a wonderful experience. If you’re feeling a few nerves, this is totally normal – there’s a lot to take in. But there’s nothing to be scared about, there are lots of other new students in exactly the same position, and we’re sure that, in the end, you’ll see how everything is a bit easier than you were expecting. Welcome to the University!



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