Special Erasmus+ traineeships, a plus for your professional career

Erasmus + traineeships are a guarantee to gain confidence, autonomy and, above all, to generate contacts for your future in the labor market. That why it is important that you have all the information available on the offer of companies, that have an agreement with your Faculty. Do you want to choose the best one? It’s time to gather the information from the best!

Our Careers Service has prepared a special and limited traineeship package in France. The advisers of the Careers Service will provide the information about the conditions of the traineeships, the characteristics of each clinic and the necessary documentation to apply for a position. They will also help and guide you during the preparation of your resume so that your application is successful.

To start the process, you just have to send an email to: [email protected]

Remember, as soon as you are sure about your choice, you have applied and the company has accepted you, you must inform the Erasmus + Coordinator of your Faculty in order to apply for the Erasmus+ grant, which will cover up to 3 month of your stay. And if you have any questions, you already know that you can find additional information about the general Erasmus+ traineeship application process in our own Mobility Sharepoint available from your intranet.

Many of your colleagues have chosen a clinic in France to carry out their Erasmus + traineeships. Each placement can be adjusted to the expectations or interests of the participants. No one better than them to explain what this opportunity has meant in their professional life.

If you want to know how Maylïs, Ana or Pierre did, visit the posts they have left us telling about their experience.

Rush, this opportunity is unique, and places are limited. You know: Erasmus or never!


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