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Summer is a great time to learn foreign languages and the Languages Service has once again run a course to prepare students for the CertAcles B1 exam. Despite the July heat, six students took part in this course, acquiring the skills they needed to pass the exam.

Loly and Sara were the teachers, and they had this to say about the course: «In class we have used a communicative and dynamic approach, focusing on each student’s needs. They were at the heart of the wide range of activities we created for them».

We asked the students what they enjoyed the most about the course. This is what they think:

«The teachers adapted the course contents to our needs»

Other comments were: «The course content was all very concrete and specific to the exam»; «We were all encouraged to participate in class»; «We were able to make mistaked we could learn from, receiving sensitive feedback»; «The teachers were able to help us remember the English we had learnt in the past».

The students’ fantastic motivations made the teachers’ work so much easier and helped us to meet their expectations: «To learn English and be ready for the exam» and «to get the right materials to help us to keep on studying during the summer and to prepare properly for the exam».

We would love to welcome more students in the future to these courses which focus on the four key skills: writing, Reading, speaking and listening.

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