+1000 reasons to do your Erasmus+ in the UK

Hello! I am Ilona Doskoch, I am going to try to summarize in the following paragraphs my Erasmus+, an experience that I think we should all have at least once in our lives. Because it might be scary at first, we might think that it is not the right moment to do it, we might think that our language level is not good enough; but believe me that we all have the same thoughts and some of us decide to take a step forward because really, it is a unique and very necessary experience.

I study Advertising and Public Relations at University CEU Cardenal Herrera, I was very comfortable with the degree, so when I decided to go on an Erasmus+ almost 1000 doubts and contradictions came to my mind but I returned from my experience abroad with 1001 reasons to recommend it to anyone, no matter how big your fear is.

I decided to go to Southampton, a city in the south of England. My biggest reason was the language, because my goal was to improve my English skills. Also, I was sure that this should be my destination because in terms of creativity it is one of the best valued European universities.

I must emphasize that the study system is totally different from ours, because we needed to pass the subjects through daily activities and practicals. These assignments were very intense but also meant a very productive way of working because, at the end of the semester, all the knowledge was sufficiently internalized to use it freely in your day-to-day work.

Ilona travelled through the UK and Ireland during her Erasmus+ stay

It has been a very rewarding experience because I have learned to work in a different way. Also, since I study Advertising, almost all the tasks were in groups, so we really needed to communicate in English with people from different continents. Yes, in broken English at first but after four months the situation improved unintentionally!

As for Solent University, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It consists of a total of 4 buildings. The main building that appears in the photograph has a very modern architecture and is also thought to be as sustainable as possible, very bright and with large areas of natural light. The teachers have been very attentive and I have not felt abandoned at any time. In general, I have felt very comfortable, looked after and always informed.

It is an experience, on a personal level, very rewarding because your mind opens up to new ideas that until that moment were unknown. Even the simplest of conversations ends with faces of surprise because, what is logical to us can be completely unknown o other cultures and vice versa.


This experience has helped me to listen and above all to understand other people much better, to empathize with other cultures and accept that I only see the tip of the iceberg, because the world is very different from other perspectives.

You cannot really describe in words how rewarding it has been, both academically and personally. I recommend it to everyone, no matter their situation.

I would like to stress that fear is natural and logical, but it is worth fighting it.


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