Relating, informing and helping to interpret: my reasons for studying Journalism

Mastering the power of words. Knowing how and when to use the finer details – a punctuation mark, a tone, a silence. Knowing how to play with them, using them to convey the right idea at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

They say that journalists have something of a writer about them and that information is the literature of the everyday. María Jesús confirms this. This young Chilean girl touched down at our university just over three years ago to study Journalism. And when she did, she was already full of words. Here we simply teach how to use them.

Because at CEU UCH we are passionate about communicating and we are passionate about being different. Therefore, here we teach you to communicate in a different way:

Student of Journalism
María Jesús, a great journalist with the seal of approval from CEU UCH

In life, I have always been one of these people who love to write. As a child, I used to fill notebooks with different things that I wrote in my free time and things that happened to me or things that I felt. My father always told me that I have an ability to communicate and in my family I was the first to tell everyone if something important had happened.

It was a necessity for me to want to know everything – being able to tell a person that was not present at a certain moment and being able to include them in the discussion about something that affected us all became a vital necessity for me.

Even though I started off studying Architecture, I realised that what I was doing did not really make me happy. Just when I had reconsidered and had decided I should make a change in my life, I began to realise that information was becoming very relevant in the world. During these years I started to notice the impact that the media had and the relevance that blogs and free online media would have for this new communication scene.

What struck me most was the impact of the “Los Indignados” movement. It sparked my curiosity and astonished me when I saw how organised citizens could end up changing the political agenda of a country. At that moment I realised the impact that this new way of communicating would have, and that desire to write about the things that I considered important awakened in me again. A new world was beginning to form: the world of information. And I wanted to be part of it.

The decision was made, and I changed my degree to Journalism. And it was the best thing I could have done; I found my vocation. I discovered that one is happy when they do what they really like and what is good. Every day journalism gives me the opportunity to reach people with whom I never imagined that I could interact, that possibility of helping people who have not had the same opportunities, and to interpret, so that they are not kept out of the important things that are happening in the world. That is what makes me sure that I have chosen the right path.


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