Passionate about Journalism and sports? Specialise in sports communication!


If you want to study Journalism and have a special interest in sports communication, we have the perfect deal for you! At University CEU Cardenal Herrera the students on our degree programme in Journalism can specialise in Sports Journalism by participating in our specialisation programme “Título de Experto Universitario en Periodismo Deportivo”.

The specialisation is studied alongside the Journalism degree for four years, totaling 24 ECTS. During their first year of studies, the students participating in the programme will focus on sports in radio and social media and learning how to report on sports in radio broadcasts and different social media channels. In second year the programme focuses on sports in television, and during their third year the students will specialise in written sports journalism, the design of sports content, and the communication of sport events. In fourth year the programme will focus on online sports reporting, and the students will also learn to create sports infographics.


The specialisation is free for our students of Journalism, and it is taught in Spanish.

Interested? Read more about the amazing opportunities the programme has already offered to our Journalism students, who have for example had the chance to participate in radio broadcasts and to cover a football match!


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