With my own hands, a safe bet from UK

A game of football on the pitch? A dental check up of a Spanish patient at the clinic? An interview for a blog? For Rajveer, an English student, there is no doubt that his days last longer than 24 hours. We caught up with him on a break between clinical practices. He has a long list of patients to get through this afternoon but he meets us with a smile. “Where shall we go, Rajveer?”

Here is good, we can see the facilities… we spend a lot of time here!

Rajveer moved here from Leeds 5 years ago. The time he has spent on our campus is an example of integration as well as the pride and sense belonging that he feels at CEU and in the School of Dentistry. He is happy here after all this time and demonstrates throughout the interview that his decisión to come and study here was a success.

It seems like you will miss us…

The idea of staying in Spain is very tempting. It will always be here. When I finish I will go back to England but I know that I have a place to come back to, amongst other things, to continue to perfect my Spanish.

What is it like doing a bilingual degree?

Learning a new language is always going to have its difficulties but at the same time it´s a personal challenge that encourages you to recognise your weaknesses and overcome them. If you want to feel at home and be capable of socialising with all types of people it will force you to open up to others. To put it into perspective, when you look back over the years, you realise that in the end you have picked up new idiomatic skills that are fundamental in your future job. You will add value to your cababilities and improve your self confidence.

Has dentistry always been your first choice as a career option?

Completly. I love to be able to work with my hands and feel like I am helping people. I am a people person, I like interacting with patients, listening to them, being proactive in order to improve their quality of life. Dentistry is the only job which ticks all those boxes!

We have caught you at a time in which you are about to treat various patients who will speak to you in their own language. Tell us about this relationship on an idiomatic level.

The University provides you with all the facilities that you can get the mosto ut of these practical sessions. The professors are always close by and the other students whom speak spanish can lend us a hand if a problema arises due to the language barrier. The treatment is always friendly, the people are kind and they help you however they can. It´s the best way to do it.

Do you have an idea of where you want to go in the future, do you want to specialise or continue training…?

I am drawn to the field of implants and cosmetics, but at the same time, I can also see myself treating children…the truth is i still need to think a bit more about what I want to do as there are an infinate number of possibilities

“You have more than just a school; It is the Faculty of Dentistry with all that implies with regards to training and prestige.”

What is the most important thing when treating patients?

With out a doubt being aware that the person has put all their trust in your hands. It is complete responsability which is a stimulus for anyone whoi aspires to excellence in the profesion.

You demonstrate the maturity of a fifth year student, but in this time you will have also had time to experience other things. What has your life been like on our campus?

During these past years I have formed a large group of new friends. I usually play football with one of them. We are like a big family, all of different nationalities. The mix and diversity in the clases is mirrored in the group. It´s great having Friends from all over the world.

You came here because other english students reccommeded it to you. Now that you are an old-hand, what would be your recomendation for a future student from your country who is perhaps thinking about coming here?

I would start by saying that coming here is a safe bet. It is a very stable educational institution. It´s facilities can compete with any North American campus. The most important thing for me is the fact that above all you have more than just a school; It is the Faculty of Dentistry with all that implies with regards to training and prestige.


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