Jaguar: Dentist and TV Star

Hsu Chia Hua also known as Jaguar is one of the most different students around our campus. He comes from Taiwan and studies Dentistry. But one of the things that differentiate Jaguar form the rest of his classmates is that he was a TV series Star in Taiwan when he was a kid. Influencer, actor, and dentist… Imagine the combination! We have been talking to him and this is his incredible story.

1. Jaguar, you are from Taiwan, therefore you are quite far away from home. Tell us about your story. Who are you, your pathway and how did you arrive in Spain?

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estáis? Soy Jaguar – Hsu Chia Hua.

I was a child actor, I acted in TV series, and before I came here, I have been an actor in contract with SET Taiwan – a TV company-. Also, I have a license as a dental technician.

After all, I spent 20 hours flying to Valencia from Taiwan. Now I am right here in Valencia on my way to be a dentist.

2. Why did you decide to study Dentistry at the CEU UCH?

I looked into many colleges and I loved the training here. The courses are well designed. By the way, I am looking forward to the three years PTD lesson taught by professor Mar Jovani. I have attended this professor’s speech in Taiwan last year. It was awesome! Also, I believe students will require a good ability to be a dentist after graduation.

3. Actor, influencer, and dentist as well. Wow, what a mix! How can someone combine being a dentist with all of the rest? In the end, Influencer and actor are totally associated with arts and communication. On the other hand, Dentistry has nothing to do with them.

That is true. When I was young, I was who is never been able to answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. The problem was not that I had any interests but that I had too many.

Jaguar during the filmming of the TV series
Jaguar during the filmming of the TV series

At the age of eight, I was a child star, meaning I acted in TV dramas, shows, and advertisements…

I also love painting, so I studied as an art class student for nine years, from elementary school to senior high school.

One of Jaguar's drawings
One of Jaguar’s drawings

In high school I met many outstanding friends with different aspirations, the broadened my horizon. I saw my possibilities and then come to understand the artistic talent I have is also suitable to be a dentist. Therefore, I attended the Taiwanese medical Volunteers of Taipei Medical University. Then I went to Taitung and we set up the Volunteer Healthcare Clinic providing free care to those who are unable to afford medical care, especially children and elders.

Jaguar attended a young boy in volunteering
Jaguar attended a young boy in volunteering

After that experience, I found that I am a lucky person who has a better source to support me to do my things. Many people usually do not have a regular opportunity to visit a doctor.

I want to help those people in the future.

Not only in the way of making donations but also, I am willing to take part in the effort to bring healthcare to people. That is why I want to be a dentist. In addition, I am right here to pursue my dream.

4. Otherwise, and returning to your influencer facet, how do you get to have that repercussion?

I work together with my best friends to operate an organization called “Pharmaexperience”. It is a good organization to let people from different areas to share their own story. Since I used to be an artist, actor and dental technician now I am on my way to be a Dentist in Spain. I share my own story to people in my country, to encourage them to be creative and out-of-the-box thinkers.

Jaguar during one of the conferences in Pharmaexperience
Jaguar during one of the conferences in Pharmaexperience

5. There are many people, which is an actor or influencer in a professional way or even both of them. However, you, who possibly could, have finally decided to become a dentist. How do you manage the time you spend in each activity?

Great question! As I said, I was in contract with Taiwanese TV Company, so I had to go to the actor training and prepare each month’s performance evaluation.

I also had to spend the time to study in the college of Taiwan, as I said I majored in dental technology, there is much hands-on training. The professional skills must be well learned and must pass the final test to get the dental technician license.

It needs a strategy to deal with all things.

For me is to focus on the present moment, not being distracted and to manage time well. I remember in the leisure time of filming I prepared for the qualification test of the dental technician. Moreover, luckily, I got the DT license.

6. Apart from everything we have talked about, you are also a member of the WASB. In other words, you never stop. What is WASB? What have you learned personally through your path at WSAB? Will you recommend the experience to other students at CEU?

Jaguar: Dentist and TV Star

In my opinion, WASB is the team acting as a bridge between the students and the university. To help the university understand what students need and help them to solve the problems.

I would have to say being a WASB member is a great opportunity to meet all types of new friends. Not only will get you to know students from across the world, but it is also a great opportunity to learn more about the campus.

Being a WASB member is an awesome and unforgettable experience you should try!

7. Tell us about your experience in Spain. Was it easy to adapt? Do you have friends from different nationalities? Tell us about these friends, do you have any anecdote for the fact of being from different cultures?

In my first year, I lived in the homestay family in Godella. Home mother, Montse, is so nice and treated me like her son. Since it was my first time being in Valencia, she taught me many things, about not only about the culture in Spain, but also about the food in Valencia. She is good at cooking. Even made a birthday cake for me. The cake was ¡“buenísima”! ¡“Me encanta”! Living in Godella was one of my best memories here in Spain.

At school, I taught students from different countries to write Chinese Calligraphy in the activity. It is a good experience to have a cross-culture communication through art.

In Spain, people greet each other with “besitos” (little kisses). For the first time, this was strange for me, like “what are you doing?”… However, I am used to it now and now…

I am giving my friends besitos as well.

8. You are at 2nd year of Dentistry, which things will you take back to Taiwan?

When I first moved to Valencia, I felt my life completely slow down and I embraced the relaxing, carefree way of living.

I will miss those wonderful memories and friends in Spain!

In the future, we hope to see Jaguar graduated as a Dentist and being a TV Star. If you want to know more about other of our international students here are other stories which may impress you.


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