Bilingual nurses on the way!

A few years have passed since University CEU Cardenal Herrera embarked on a new adventure: creating and launching a Spanish Pathway to Nursing Studies. The idea is quite simple: offering a first year with a great part of the subjects in English, as well as an intensive Spanish course to prepare students for the rest of the degree, which will be entirely taught in Spanish. So that is how our Spanish Pathway to Nursing started!

And now that our first Nursing students are already in their second year, we decided to meet them and ask them about their experience here.

They are Elisabeth and Jill, from Norway and Sweden respectively. They tell us that they chose to study at our University because, in addition to the training they would receive, they also wanted to learn Spanish. For Elisabeth it was clear, she liked Spain, as much as to spend 4 years here, as much as… to have visited our country up to 25 different times before! As for Jill, she tells us that she wanted to explore, live in another country, and Spain seemed perfect.

Elisabeth and Jill at our Faculty of Health Sciences
Elisabeth and Jill at our Faculty of Health Sciences

Of course we love Valencia, so we were curious to know what they liked most about our city. And they tell me that they see two great advantages:

  1. The weather (of course, they say that in their countries they hardly see the sun …)
  2. The people (so open, so kind…)

We ask them if they are also happy with the degree, and yes: very happy, they say. Besides liking it a lot, they tell me that education here is better than in their home countries. Elisabeth tells us that her mother is also a nurse and that when she tells her everything she learns both in class and during practicals, her mother is surprised because it is what she had to study in a postgraduate master’s degree!

We are happy to know that your experience is so good, and that you are happy to have chosen our University?


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