Smartphones and pottery? No, it’s not impossible…it’s Design!

When Miguel decided to enrol in the Masters in Product Design at CEU Valencia and come to Spain from Colombia, he never would have thought that he would end up designing a yacht. But he did. It was also hard to believe him when he told us that he had designed a smartphone speaker that works without electricity or batteries or anything. But he did.

Miguel, at our Technical School of Design
Miguel, at our Technical School of Design

Miguel came to CEU Valencia because he was attracted to its prestige in the European design world: “There’s a big difference in European and Ibero-American design; while over there it is much more industrial and focused on production, here there is more importance on the artistic aspect” he comments.

He’s coming out of the Masters with a much clearer idea about what direction he will take his career as a future designer: “I have continued to gain a much broader vision of design. After completing this Masters a much wider range of options have opened up to me then before.”

"Wave Live"m is the name of Miguel's project
“Wave Live”m is the name of Miguel’s project

The creation that he left as his Final Masters Piece has allowed him to anticipate the best things for his future, starting from now. The Wave Live is commonly known as a speaker although Miguel prefers to call it an acoustic amplifier. It is created with pottery and supported by the Raku technique.

Applying sawdust to the hot clay, connecting the music from the smartphone to the clay, creates the finish on the Wave Live; this is what creates the random patterns, similar to the movement of music. The musical explanation is much more technical… It’s better if you listen to it!

He intends to return to Colombia and apply everything that he has learnt here. He recognises that a more creative and artistic vision counts for very little in his continent’s traditions, but he assures us that he is capable of combining the two styles. Before doing this, he will stop over in Dubai, where he will help design inflatables for a water ride business which also has some sites in the United States.

Good luck for everything Miguel!


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