What are you doing this weekend? Spend a day at the Valencia Port!

Trying out sailing at the Port of Valencia.
Trying out sailing at the Port of Valencia.

If you have spent any time in Valencia, for sure you have already checked out the numerous beaches here: La Malvarrosa and Las Arenas closeby, El Saler and others a bit further away… However, if you are looking for something new and fun to do, how about you check out next what the Port of Valencia has to offer?

Located next to the commercial port and the beaches La Malvarrosa and Las Arenas, Marina Real Juan Carlos I was largely developed for the 32nd America’s Cup sailing competition that was held in Valencia in 2007. Although the Port has a long history, spanning centuries, it had been mainly used for commercial purposes. After being revamped to host the Cup, today the Marina is full of life and activities.

Perhaps you are feeling adventurous and want to do something active, or maybe you want to do the exact opposite and just laze about for a day: well, both options are available at the Marina. Here are some of our tips on how to spend your day at the Port!

If you want to have an active day, there is a great selection of watersport activities to choose from at the Port. You will find many companies renting equipment and offering classes on different sports, and you can try out everything from more traditional options like sailing and kayaking to some more unique activities like flyboarding.

Into kayaking? Several companies organize guided kayaking excursions and also rent equipment for independent kayaking trips. You can also try sailing: for example, Escuela Municipal de Vela organizes sailing experiences and also classes and longer courses on light sailing.

Try stand up paddle boarding, and once you are advanced enough take up SUP Yoga! Developed from ancient ways of travel and warfare into a more contemporary watersport done for fun, stand up paddle boarding — SUP for short — has seen a rise in its popularity in recent years. The paddler gets on a board similar to a regular surfboard with the exception that the person stands up and also has a long paddle to aid in steering and moving forwards. As the paddler needs to stand up, keeping their balance, and to use their strength to move, SUP is good exercise for the whole body. Several companies at the port offer SUP beginner courses, and once you are experienced you can simply rent the equipment and go paddling independently. However, if you are looking to challenge yourself, you could try Ocean Pilates and SUP Yoga classes — you will end up exercising in the water on top of the board!

For the adventurous, there are also possibilities to go kitesurfing and windsurfing at the Port, to rent jet skis, or you could even try flyboarding: flying in the air with the aid of a water pressure powered watercraft and a jetpack sounds like an unforgettable experience, doesn’t it? If you are intrigued, see a more comprehensive list of some of the companies and the activities they offer on the website of the Port.

Veles e Vents, one of the significant buildings in the Port, created originally for the America's Cup. Photo source.
Veles e Vents, one of the significant buildings in the Port, created originally for the America’s Cup. Photo source.

If you are not too keen on water activities, you can always do sports on the shore. The Port has long pedestrian walkways for walking and running, making it a great scene for your jog. There are also long cycling lanes, and the Valenbisi stations in the Port allow you to go cycling even if you do not own a bike yourself.

And if sports are not your thing, or you simply want to have a relaxing day, there are options for you, too. For example, you can take part in the leisure excursions from the port. There are a few companies that arrange daily boat excursions, either tours to get to know the city from a different perspective, or just to spend a day at the sea chilling, sunbathing, and swimming. Also, during summertime some of the companies organize boat parties!

You could also do the exact opposite of relaxing and come to the Port for your night out. For instance, at clubs and bars like Marina Beach Club and High Cube, located at the Marina, you can enjoy some drinks and spend the night dancing.

Despite the fact that summer is definitely the high season for activities at the Marina, there are still fun things to do all year around, since the weather in Valencia is pleasant and the temperatures mild even during the winter months.

The Port is easy to reach from the city centre. For instance, EMT buses 2, 3, 4, 19, and 30 go there from the centre, as do the night buses N8 and N9. You could also take the metro or tram: metro line 5 stops at Marítim Serrería from where you can continue by tram line 8. Also, trams number 6 and 4 stops close to the beach, which is just a walking distance away from the Marina. The Port has also several Valenbisi stations nearby, so a trip there by bike is also a good option!


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