University Championship Cup Awards 2017


The 12th of May was a grand day in which the UCH-CEU Championship trophies were awarded.

The championship consisted of intramural competitions and selections of the different university centres (Castellón, Moncada and Elche). The 3 sports activities were Futsal, Football 7 (7-aside) and Basketball.

Points are awarded as follows: the team that comes first place gets 5 points, the runners-up 3 points and third place 1 point. These points are added through the course of the year, therefore team with the most points at the end becomes the champion.

This year we congratulate the teams of Centre of Valencia for Futsal and Football 7, and Centre of Elche for Basketball. Elche, who are the winners of their respective leagues, have made a tremendous effort to remain the championship leaders.

For the next school calendar year, we expect to count on all of you to participate in the sports championship. In addition, we plan to expand the sports tournaments by including  paddle, tennis and beach volleyball. So do not hesitate to contact the sports service ([email protected]) of CEU Cardenal Herrera University to join any of our teams and give it your all.

If you want more information about the sports events of the university, take a look at the sports blog which will inform you about all the sporting activities.


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