Simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the subject X



The Model United Nations is a simulation where the students represent a country in the United Nations Organization with the goal of reaching a resolution about the specific subject.
In the first week of February, the Models of United Nations Club of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera (Club MUN-CEU) participated in the Model of the United Nations organized by the University of Navarra, “it was a great experience and we want to participate in more MUNs” is the quote that resounds from the experience and you can find more information about the trip here.
Now that we are back, the MUN-CEU Club wants to encourage both participants that already know us, as well as all of those students who want to initiate in the world of the United Nations Models (MUNs).
What do you get from Club MUN-CEU?
You can practice and improve your speaking skills, public speaking in front of other delegates, negotiation skills, to reach a win-win situation, since multilaterals negotiations are indispensable in the international world.
Research ability and the use of resources of international organizations when gathering information to present the position of each represented State.
Also, you get initiated into the world of the MUNs and in the future, participate with us in both national and international MUNS representing our university.
Today club MUN-CEU want to announce that the next Thursday March 10th, from 15:30-17:00 pm “Simulation of General Assembly of the United Nations” will be held on the sets of the university.


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