Photographic Exhibition 3000 Old Doors of Europe



What makes the doors special?
Surely there is nothing about a door that draws your attention at first glance, but this is the focus of photography Ádám Lukács who has compiled a collection of 3000 old doors from 48 cities in 14 different countries. 3000 doors of which each one has its own history, passed by different people, doors of transition and doors that are closed waiting for someone to open them.
Ádám Lukács has spent 10 years photographing these old and restored doors of different cities of which he highlights the cities of Florencia and Valencia for its maintenance.
On 13th of November to 5th of December, there was an exhibition of 100 pictures in the Palacio de Colomina organized for the Consulate General of Hungaria in Barcelona and University CEU Cardenal Herrera.


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