How to help if your son or daughter has difficulty concentrating


Difficulty in concentrating is a common problem for many university students. It can be especially frustrating because it means that their academic results do not reflect the significant amount of time they invest in studying. But there are many things that parents can do to enhance their sons’ and daughters’ concentration:

1. Create a study area:

It’s important for students to have a suitable place where they can study, which is comfortable and pleasant to be in. They need a reasonably-sized (and tidy!) desk and a place where they can keep their books and notes. Ideally, it would have natural light and not be too noisy. They should also be able to adapt the area to suit their own tastes.

A pleasant environment will favor the student's performance.
A pleasant environment will favor the student’s performance.

2. Avoid distractions:

there are many things which can divert our attention when we are trying to concentrate and so it’s important to keep away from such distractions when studying (mobiles, social networks, TV, the computer, etc.)

3. Planning and organization of tasks:

Encourage them to plan and organize how to tackle their tasks, setting clear objectives so that they know what needs doing every day.

 Planning and organization are fundamental keys to improve academic performance.

Planning and organization are fundamental keys to improve academic performance.

4. Create the right atmosphere for quiet study:

it’s possible to create the right atmosphere at home when it’s study time, keeping noise to a minimum, and avoiding interruptions and housecalls during the final exam period.

5. Help them to stay relaxed:

The fewer problems and arguments there are, the easier it is to concentrate. So, creating an atmosphere for clear communication and mutual respect can help them greatly.

6. Make sure they take breaks:

It’s important to have the odd rest when you’re studying hard. Sometimes longer breaks are needed, as they may wish to stretch their legs and clear their mind before they start again. You could take advantage of these breaks to chat, help them de-stress and give them encouragement.

During exam periods, the University Libraries have extended opening hours (with 24-hour opening in some cases). If they can’t find the way to concentrate at home, you could always tell them to try the Library.


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