Fresh ideas factory: sport (1st PART)


The courses have already started now and many of you are part of one of the many little “families” at the CEU. You are for example part of the Writer’s club, the United Nation Model’s club, you sing or you play an instrument at the Choir and Chamber orchestra, discussing about pictures at CEU Photo or being part of the sport section of the university among others activities. We would love you to enjoy the diversity of the CEU and be able to practice your hobbies with us. Because of that, we organized a contest during the Welcome Days and you brung many ideas to our FRESH IDEAS FACTORY. You gave us your interests and now, from Campus Life, we would love to support you so that you can give even more life to our campus with the activities you asked us for.

As new and fresh idea, we were surprised by the quantity of students, especially French, who wanted to play PETANQUE at the campus. Why don’t we organized a sport club to practice this sport at the campus ? Would you like that ? Put you in contact with [email protected].

Another idea suggested was that you wanted to DANCE. In November, salsa dance class will start and if you are interested, you can still register.

One student named Maria proposed to us to organized a padel tournament. If you want to participate, it will start in November and don’t hesitate, sign in ! As for the tennis table, you can find it at the right end of the ground floor of the Aulario edifice. Come and play whenever you want !

Many of you asked about the pool, the gymnasium and the yoga. If you didn’t know yet, the sport service has an arrangement with the Centro deportivo de Moncada allowing you to have access quite economically. There, you have the opportunity to practice all of this and even more. For the ones looking for the cycling club, why don’t you try the triathlon section ? They organize group trail to ride around Moncada. It’s way more fun and sure to go out with a group, don’t doubt !  You can ask for more details about all the sportive activities writing to [email protected].

Others suggested to realize outdoors activities, like HIKING trip or skiing during winter. If you want, we can organize it, just write to [email protected].

These are the main fresh ideas about sport that you wrote. We loved your post-its and we hope you loved our ice-cream 🙂 and particularly our activities offering for with course. Don’t forget that you have the opportunity to create your own club of student with the Campus Life support all the year and remember, “happiness is always best when shared”.

Be part of life on campus !



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