Coloring smiles :)


Last week the students made a campaign of the Collect of school material for kids in Senegal: “Coloring smiles”. This project was proposed by Professor Jesus de la Llave and we accepted it quickly because it was a great opportunity to help the people in need and we invited the whole university to be supportive. Everything was possible thanks to a group of Dentistry students who went to Senegal in March and took all the material we collected. A group formed by young committed and supportive people that made sure that the locals illuminate their brightest smile. It was wonderful to see how all the

People from the university (teachers, students, non-teaching staff, family and friends) were involved in this initiative and made the campaign a success.

It is important to carry out projects like this, not only because of the obvious fact that is helping others, but because it allows people to empathize with the ones in need, forget about themselves and realize the great luck we have to live in a country with this level of development and that gives us so many opportunities. In addition, it also teaches us that the ones who make things change are us and education is possibly the best answer to this state of emergency. We shouldn’t forget that educating is humanizing people. It is to reveal to them the tools that they should use when they are in complicated situations, how to face the life and the problems that this entails. We must believe in the healing and renewing power of it and think that it is the weapon that can save a society that deserves to live in better conditions.

To conclude, thank to all who participated unselfishly by staying at the table and helping to decorate, organize and promote the campaign; To the chair of solidarity for the Great help, advice and supervision making it all a lot easier and, of course, to all those who participated by donating.

Thank you very much for contributing to COLORS SONRISAS.




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