Centro Deportivo Moncada – the premier spot for all our students who love to work out


Centro Deportivo Moncada, more commonly referred to as CDM  by our students here at University Cardenal Herrera, has recently made itself “the place to be” for anyone looking to work, with its hands-on staff, enormous array of facilities and incredibly cheap prices.

What has made this an even more suitable location for our students are the highly attractive deals that CEU has made with the gym. As a student at CEU you are entitled to a 50% discount on all of the facilities at the gym using only your student card! What you would need to do is to provide the gym with your bank details and your student card and the gym will take care of the rest. You can then sign your year long contract (charged monthly) which will give you unlimited access to all of the gym’s facilities, and if you are not a fan of deals you can use the gym all day long for as little as three euros a day! For more information on these deals and anything else related to sports you can also contact our own Sport Service right here at CEU. Their office is located on the ground floor at Seminari building.

Therefore, we thought that there would be no better way in providing you with the clearest image of what the gym has to offer to our students than by asking three of our own to give you their personal accounts on why they believe CDM is the perfect choice for CEU’s sport enthusiasts.

“I go to the gym primarily with the target of becoming healthier and looking better in mind. I had previously been an avid fan of team sports such as football and basketball but I have recently found the flexible nature of exercising at the gym much more appealing, which is why I have chosen to make it a much more prominent aspect of my life.  So it is incredibly convenient that I (as a student at CEU living in Moncada) have access to “Centro Deportivo Moncada” which luckily also provides us with great student deals. I wholeheartedly believe that it is worth the price since we not only get access to fresh equipment at the gym but tennis courts, swimming pools and free personal trainers as well, which is amazing!”


“What has personally driven me to the gym is my newfound willingness to lose weight and better my overall health and physical fitness. Through this, the gym has also positively impacted other aspects of my life by serving as a conduit to my desire to improve my diet and eating habits as well, which go hand in hand with my overall goal of improving my health. The gym is also very close to my house here in Moncada  providing me with a very convenient place to work out, which is also very motivating as it keeps me from having to go on long and tiring daily commutes to gyms further in to the heart of the city. The staff are also incredibly adept at their fields and really friendly and helpful to everyone around the gym. I would recommend CDM to every student here at CDM who is passionate about maintaining or improving their health, or just wants to cool off at the pool after a hard day of work at the university.”


“In all honesty my main motivator when it comes to going to the gym is my goal to obtain the ideal body and the desire to prolong my livelihood by practicing good health, which has recently made the gym an integral part of my day to day life. That is why I feel very lucky that I, as a student of the very demanding subject of dentistry have access to CDM here in Moncada. I personally find CDM to be an outstanding place to work out, with its plethora of facilities and genuinely helpful and kind staff. However, what makes CDM an extra special place for me is its inclusion of Jacuzzis and steam rooms that really provide me with a much needed place to relax and chill out. I could not recommend CDM more to anyone else looking for a place close to our university to work out.”


We sincerely hope that this post has provided you with a convenient and affordable location to work out close to our university and kept you from the perils of having to go on long tiring trips through Valencia so that you can fit a workout day into your busy student schedules

For more images and information on Centro Deportivo Moncada and its services proceed to the following link: http://centrodeportivomoncada.com


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