10 Podcasts worth listening to

Podcasts are hands down a great way to optimize your time. You can find podcasts that cover pretty much any topic. They seem to be quite an accessible way to quickly get inspired, educated or solely informed. I know we all enjoy listening to our favorite artists and new music on our way to uni, during workouts and chores or as we walk around the city. Next time, try listening to a podcast instead. Not only are they good entertainment but also free entertainment. In case you aren’t familiar with any, below are 10 podcasts worth listening to.


1. TED Talks Daily—every weekday you can listen to a new TED Talk on the go. TED is a nonprofit committed to spreading ideas and knowledge in the scheme of short powerful talks. They’re inspiring and exist on basically any topic imaginable.

2. My Favorite Murder—hosted by American comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. This podcast is for crime junkies or anyone interested in hearing murder tales as well as hometown crime stories sent from their fans and friends. It’s weird, oddly interesting and very entertaining.

3. From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl—this one is by far my favorite podcast. Hosted by Rachel Brathen a.k.a Yoga Girl. Her episodes are incredibly inspiring. Every Friday she releases personal yet meaningful talks or stories that are sometimes told alongside special guests. From The Heart is a very uplifting podcast worth listening to.

4. Stuff You Should Know—if you’ve ever wondered about colorblindness or how galaxies, airbags or Schizophrenia works then this is the podcast you should listen to. It’s unbelievable the variety of information this podcast holds. You’ll definitely learn something new listening to this one.

5. Nursing Uncensored—this one is for all of my nursing students. Adrianne Behning opens up discussions about everything that is going on in a nurses mind. Adrianne shares her experience and humor while striving to educate her listeners through storytelling. She even gives out great advice and helpful tips to nursing students!

6. Coffee Break French/Spanish/Italian—these are short podcasts ranging from 5-30 minutes long. They’re great to help improve your new language skills. Season 1 lessons are for beginners. As the seasons progress the difficulty increases. Give this podcast a listen if you’re trying to learn a new language.

7. The Daily—this is a podcast by The New York Times. It’s pretty much a quick daily dose of news given by the best journalists in the world.

8. TED Radio Hour—similar to TED Talks Daily but an hour long. By listening to this podcast you can familiarize yourself with astonishing inventions, captivating ideas, and discover new ways of thinking and creating.

9. Science Vs—this podcast is really cool! It obviously talks about science but it lets us know what’s fact, what’s not and what’s a little bit in between. They discuss a lot of interesting and controversial topics that may not be appropriate to share on this school affiliated blog but seriously check it out! There is some fascinating content on there.

10. Se Regalan Dudas—last but not least, we have a podcast in Spanish. It’s a podcast based on the infinite need that we all have to question anything and everything that surrounds us. These two women invite experts and friends to discuss topics on a much deeper level. I highly recommend this podcast to all my ladies.

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with podcasts, try listening to one of these on either Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud or any other apps/sites that you have available to you.


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