My Erasmus+ in Malta: a Mediterranean experience!

Erasmus+ has given me the oportunity of living an incredible and unforgettable experience for the rest of my life, though I guess it might not sound an original one but I have to tell you about it because it is for real. Thanks to this grant given to me I had the opportunity of doing many goals that I had always had in my mind, such as living in an island, taking part in an NGO, practice my English and of course getting in contact with my professional career among other things.


Despite I had an amazing experience I should also say that as usual it was difficult at the beggining as I had many problems at first with the language or run into a surprise such as experience a rip off with what was supposed to be a flat advertising on the internet as when I arrived in Malta such apartment did not exist and I was in the middle of nowhere without knowing what to do.

My Erasmus+ consisted in some practises on an animal shelter in Malta called AAA (Association for abandoned animals).

I must say that all staff members were very kind to me and they would always help me with everything I needed and they did their best to make me feel good and they even offered to accommodate me in their own houses (they called me homeless) though it was not necessary. Finally I found an accommodation in a hostel from an Austrian painter and sculptor and he invited me to see some of his works at then it was a good idea and a good way of mixing up at the beginning of my stay.

We would normally start work at 8:00 in the morning and sometimes we had everything done by midday, consequently I had some time for myself in the afternoon and I took advance for my free time to take up English lessons and it was a good decision because there I met a lot of people who came from all over the world in a similar situation to mine and some of them nowadays are my friends and I believe this was the most positive experience, all the people I had the opportunity to meet.

To sum up: a wonderful experience full of animals, beaches, sun, friends, monuments, learning, anecdotes, laughs, party, a good gastronomy, nice landscapes…

Very recommendable!

This article was written by Julián Fernández Peñas, student of Veterinary 


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