Reopening of the CEU Clinical Veterinary Hospital

At last we can share the good news: the CEU Clinical Veterinary Hospital has opened its doors to the public.

After a long wait and lots of dedication and enthusiasm we begin the work this week at the areas of small animals, the clinical analysis laboratory, and the anatomical pathology laboratory.

Entrance of the CEU Clinical Veterinary Hospital.
Entrance of the CEU Clinical Veterinary Hospital.

With this new project we want to provide high-quality service with the help of the latest technology, and to achieve this we have:

  • Consultation areas according to clinical specialties
  • Individual hospitalisation areas for different species (canines, felines, and exotic animals)
  • A hospitalisation area for infectious animals who require close monitoring
  • diagnostic imaging area with direct digital radiography, ultrasound, and CT
  • Pre-theatre and operating theatre for traumatology and soft-tissue surgery
  • Clinical analysis laboratory
  • meeting room for daily meetings

This is a small advancement for the new CEU Clinical Veterinary Hospital. If you are interested in bringing your pet, we are open 24 hours every day of the year.

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