Would you like to be an internal student at our Faculty of Veterinary?

Would you like to be an internal student?

3 types of internships will be available this year:

  • Internship – small animals (internship in the mornings, internship in the afternoons, internship for AP and internship in parasitology)
  • Internship in Equine clinic
  • Internship in the Farm for educational purposes


Brand new facilities will be available in Veterinary Hospital Clinic, which will make this internship a new experience for all of us. It is a great opportunity to follow and broaden your education next to the best academic tutors and teams.

In regards to the internship in small animals, as in previous years, only students enrolled in the third grade or superior can opt for internship in the mornings, being able to participate in services like surgery, anesthesia, internal medicine/ hospitalization, specialties, image diagnostics and clinical analysis. In case that you are student of second grade, you can opt for internship in the afternoons, doing guards with the interns from mornings, acquiring more experience and knowledge in the scope of emergencies. The students starting in the second grade can as well apply for an internship in Pathological anatomy or Parasitology.


To apply for an internship in Equine Clinic, you will have to be a student enrolled in third grade or in a superior grade. It is also necessary to own a vehicle.


You can apply for an internship in the faculty´s farm from the first grade of Veterinary. It will be useful to own a vehicle or to have a possibility to share a ride with other colleagues. The interns are in charge of various tasks, for example: taking care of the beagles (walking the dogs, cleanliness, exercise course, medication…), collaborating in practices and research on production animals, reviewing the health, alimentation and health condition of the animals, attending births, synchronization and detection of jealousy between ovine and bovine… The interns working in Farm are not in charge of the horses.

We would like to encourage you to apply and enjoy this very enriching experience.


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