A passion that keeps on growing: becoming a vet

Once you met her, you immediately fall in love with her. Maite is one of those students who is always running around the campus, always busy but willing to help you if you need it. Her passion for animals is something that she has experienced from her childhood and has now become not only her profession but also her hobby.

She arrived in CEU Valencia from Valencia (Venezuela) pursuing a dream, and she did it with her sister Oriana, also a CEU student. Now, two years later, Maite has become a regular in our campus and our Veterinary Clinical Hospital. Here’s the story of this valenciana (double take!) about her passion for Veterinary Medicine.

Maite, all the way from Venezuela to study Veterinary Medicine at CEU Valencia
Maite, all the way from Venezuela to study Veterinary Medicine at CEU Valencia

“Why Veterinary Medicine?

I could not tell you a specific reason, I just know that since I can remember I have wanted to study this degree. Since childhood I have always felt a special attraction to animals, a passion that surprised my parents. They frequently took me to theme parks that had an area of animals and I was struck by how much I enjoyed my time in that part of the park. I always thought it was a passing passion, but with the passing of the years I saw that it was not like that, that it was increasing.

However, when I graduated from high school, like every teenager, I had my doubts about what to study, and I did not know if I would make the right decision. Finally I decided to study dentistry, since it also seemed like a very nice career to me, and also, due to having a family of dentists, I had been able to observe this specialisation more closely… but I soon realized that it did not fulfil me the way I expected, so I did what I had to do from the beginning: study veterinary.

Maite and her sister Oriana, also a CEU student!
Maite and her sister Oriana, also a CEU student!

When I finally started, I knew I had made the right decision, I felt complete at last. From the first day I started dealing with animals in practice, I was super fascinated, and shortly after I went back to the Veterinary Hospital of the university as an intern and started to see all kinds of cases, something that motivated me even more.

There has not been a single day that I regret having chosen this degree. And yes, I’ve had my stumbling blocks and obstacles throughout my veterinary studies, but who doesn’t? They get over it and keep going, whatever amount of time it takes them. I am currently volunteering as an animal protector, an intern at the CEU Veterinary Hospital and a veterinary student; and I’m totally grateful for that, because it is one of my biggest dreams and I am happy to say that I am fulfilling it.”


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